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I’m Afraid To Ask Podcast

I co-host a podcast! Yep. It’s something I’ve dreamed about for the past couple of years and now it’s a reality!

Although the title of the podcast is I’m Afraid To Ask, we’re not.  As you tune in each week to hear our call (Dusty calling from NYC and me in Northwest Arkansas), you will discover that we will talk about almost anything.

Curious about tuning in?  Here’s where to Learn More

And here’s one of my favorite episodes.



Gently Do What Is Right For You

I write a blog that I call Gently Do What Is Right For You. It’s about all the lessons I have learned and continue to learn in my life. It’s stories about people that inspire me and showcases my love for photography.

Take a look and see if anything resonates with you. Maybe we are meant to be friends 🙂 Learn More



Life Coach

I am a Life Coach. What does that mean exactly?

Sometimes we need to talk. Sometimes we need help to actually SEE ourselves more clearly. Sometimes we need a guide who will help us find our truth. That’s how I define the label ‘life coach’.

I would love to walk with you on your path for a time, learn together and help you see the beauty that lives within you. Help you See, Dream and then for the hard part, Believe it’s all real and possible.  Learn More

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Art Maker

I like to make art. I love photography, I made a feature length documentary film, I write music and create theatre. I see beauty everywhere and in everyone. Can you see it too? Learn More

See Who You Are Exhibit

About Me

I am a wanderer but I have learned over time that I was never lost. Learn More

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2 thoughts on “Welcome :)

  1. Debbie Conard

    Congratulations on your photography exhibit! That’s very awesome! Would love to see it. Maybe I’ll get in that neighborhood soon.

    1. I would love that! I now have a portable version that I can travel with. If you know of any teacher, group, event that would like to host the interactive exhibit, I would bring it to them. It really is an experience that promotes discussion and getting us out of our normal ways of “seeing” the world. Miss you friend!

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