Boundaries will set me and YOU free.

My little kitchen chalkboard that teaches me BIG lessons.

Boundaries will set me and YOU free. 

It seems counter intuitive but it’s true. Try it. Tell someone “No” today if that really is your answer. You can be kind. Firm but gentle. But if “No” is your answer than give it.

And if you tell someone “No” and they won’t accept it then you need to take a mental step back and ask yourself why not. You know those people right? They just keeping asking again and again. It might be in a different way every time or they might wait a little time and then come back to you but it’s really just creative ways to get you to say “Yes.”

Bottom line, if you tell someone “No” and they keep “working on you” to change it to “yes,” then they have an agenda.

So then it’s time for you to ask yourself the BIG question. “What’s in it for them?” Because that is what is truly motivating them. Sorry everyone, no matter how much they tell you that it’s about you, it’s really about them.

Being curious about what’s in it for them is something you can ponder as you are busy building your lovely “fence.” 🤪 

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