[Insert your name here], don’t be afraid of being happy.

I had to take a deep breath when I wrote this on my chalkboard a few days ago. In fact, what I initially wrote was “Don’t be afraid of being happy.” And then dang if that little chalkboard didn’t start taunting me over the next couple of days.

I may not have mentioned in a previous post that my chalkboard sits on my kitchen counter. (I often move it to my coffee table to take pictures of it, as I did here.) I see it every time I enter/leave my kitchen and I enter my home through the back door. Right into the kitchen. I can’t imagine how many times a day I read the message and could almost hear it speaking to me. (Yes I know I’m a little bit crazy! 😂 I’m okay with that.)

“Why don’t you add your name to it? Put it at the top. You know the message is for you don’t you? It’s fine for you to share it with others, but you know it’s really meant for you. Right?” My chalkboard was softly relentless until I gave in.

My Little Chalkboard with a message for me and perhaps you too.

If you look closely at the picture, you can tell that my name was an addition. Tentatively written in. But it’s there. For anyone to see. Especially, for me to see.

How about you? Do you find yourself afraid to embrace feeling happy? Afraid to lean into it. Accept it. Like I am?

If I dig deeper, I know my true fear is not Happy? Happy is light, playful, and delightful in her innocence. She doesn’t have any idea that her presence in my life is causing me so much stress. What I’m truly afraid of is saying the words out loud. Unleashing the feeling into the world. Letting the “powers that be” know that Happy is hanging out with me. Because if I do, “they” “circumstances” “life” might just take her away. Make her leave immediately.

In the past, my fear of Happy leaving has kept me from enjoying my time with her. Fully appreciating how she brings along her friends, Joy, Contentment, Laughter, to name just a few, to hang out with me too. But I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to do that. Maybe I’m getting older. Wiser, perhaps? Or just weary of being afraid to enjoy the good things in life for fear of them being taken away.

I’m welcoming Happy into my home, life and everyday moments. She is welcome to stay as long as it is right for her to be with me. And I fully realize that she may have to leave at some point. I will more than likely have to spend some time with Sorrow, Grief and other emotions that life asks us to walk with from time to time that are part of the human experience. That is okay. I can do that when needed.

But this is what I know for sure. Happy will come back to me. She can’t seem to stay away when she knows she is welcomed and loved. And that is what I am letting her know. Out loud. Often. Words that I hope make her feel happy.

P.S. Go ahead and write out the statement “_____________________, don’t be afraid to be happy.” Fill in your name. Place it somewhere that you see it often. Let Happy know that she is invited into your space, your thoughts, your life. And then don’t be surprised when one day, she comes knocking at your door. 🦋

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  1. This is so inspiring!! You’ve welcomed a good companion! I am putting the welcome mat out for her too! Love you, Bren!

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