See Who You Are Exhibition

I am incredibly excited about the creation of my first photography exhibition!  It is a collection of my portrait and street photography in an interactive setting.

Over 500 people have seen the exhibit at showings at the University of Central Arkansas, the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, and at Sequoyah Hall on Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas thus far. As participants interact with each photo, they are invited to “see” the individuals, emotions captured, place and time, in a different way. My hope is that as each participant “sees” and interacts with each photo, we may both learn from each other about what they see and who we are collectively.

Now I’ve made my exhibition portable so this INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE can come to you! Here’s the info about the exhibit.

If you are interested in hosting the exhibit or would like me to bring the exhibit to your classroom, event or group just Send Me an Email.

Lend me your eyes —
I can change what you see
Mumford & Sons

I believe that as Byron Katie says “we see who we are when we see who we think other people are.”   I often describe the individuals in my photos as characters or with emotions.  For example, I say “He’s a dreamer!” or “Look at the sadness in her body language.” But then I realized that not everyone sees the photo in the same way.  Is it possible that “who I am” is determining “what I see?” And if that is true, what can I learn by looking at the photos through someone else’s eyes?  From that light-bulb moment, this exhibit was born.

I hope you will “lend me your eyes” so we can both learn from each other.