How to Unleash a Magical Dream.

It’s a simple question with Huge Magical Powers! Seriously it does! This simple question has the power to unleash your dreams into the world.

This is how it works.

Step 1: Take out a piece of paper, sticky note, or your phone notes app, etc. and write out the question “Wouldn’t it be crazy if I . . . ?

Step 2: Write the first thing that pops into your head. No over thinking allowed people. 🤪

Here’s an important detail in helping this work for you. Do not write “Wouldn’t it be crazy if I . . . ? and then make a list underneath the question. You can do that to summarize them AFTER you have written them out individually but I believe you need to write out the question, every single time as you are thinking of them and capturing them on paper. I think this is necessary to have a few seconds where you get your mind out of the way. And if you really want to see the power of this question, say it out loud every time you think of something to write down.

Your first answers are typically small things, like . . . dye my hair red or cleaned out the kitchen junk drawer. As you keep asking and answering the question, your answers might start transitioning to big things like . . . found a job that I really love or sold my house and moved to the beach.

But I find it’s the answers that come out of nowhere like . . . “wouldn’t it be crazy if I . . . stopped being afraid of relationships” orwouldn’t it be crazy if I . . .decided I deserve to be loved for exactly who I am” that are the answers that our souls are begging us to look at, believe, and embrace.

The other answers are great too! They will lead to action in your life or setting goals and then action plans to achieve those goals. All good things! But those “out of nowhere” answers will resonate deep into your soul. They might even bring a tear to your eye. That’s when you know you’ve hit the deep stuff!

Step 3: Rinse and Repeat and Hold on to those Stickies.

I like to take my Crazy Stickies (yep! that’s what I call them) and tape them into a notebook. Then I can look back on them. Some will materialize quickly, others might take some time, you might decide a few don’t actually fit you anymore and the Deep Stuff ones tend to start showing up in all aspects of your life. And that’s a really cool thing to experience.

After writing out my dreams, I tape them into a notebook.

I have even been known to create fun little art out of my unleashed “crazy” dreams. When I decided to take on Courtney Carver’s Minimalist Fashion Challenge Project 333, I created a small 8in x 8in drawing for my closet. I love seeing it and knowing that I unleashed a dream of simplifying my wardrobe. And full disclosure, I’m not doing Project 333 perfectly as created by Courtney but I know that’s okay. I have a hunch she wants everyone to find their own “perfect way” to implement her idea into their lives.

The art of made for my closet

If you’d like to create art of your Unleashed Dreams, here’s an ink/floral wreath that I drew that is similar to the one I did for myself. I am amazed how having my dream so visible in my closet has impacted my clothes, shoes and accessories shopping. You might try printing this out on card stock or paper, adding some color with markers or pencils and letting it help you achieve your dreams too.

And I even created a coloring sheet for you to keep track of all the dreams you’ve unleashed. Just remember to write them all out including the question first. 😀

Let me know how your dream unleashing turns out!

Credit for coming up with this question comes from Courtney Carver who I mentioned above. Credit for being BRAVE enough to ask this question goes to You!

P.S. If you need someone to talk to or if your life is in transition and you need help navigating the next steps, I’m here for you. You can read about my Life Coach services on this page and schedule a free Inquiry Phone Call here.

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