I am a wanderer but I have learned over time that I was never lost. Each step and road that I have taken has led me here. Exactly where I want to be.

Here are some of my wanderings.

I have a Ph.D. in Accounting. I’m a singer/songwriter with 3 albums. I co-owned a recording studio for several years. I was the music director for a national award-winning youth theater and I just finished a 3-year-long project filming a feature length documentary film. Whew! And I left quite a few out.

When I turned 52, I finally saw a pattern. I love people. I love it when people SEE the beauty that I so easily see in them. I love being around people that DREAM.  I love individuals who aren’t afraid to BELIEVE.  So, I did something kinda wild and crazy.  I decided to become one of them. 

In my current wanderings, I have brought my photography out of the shadows, my art making out of the closet and my voice into the Universe. So here I am.  Exactly where I am supposed to be and it tastes of freedom

And if you’re curious about my mantra “Gently Do What Is Right For You,” you can learn where it came from in this blog post Gently Do What Is Right For You

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