A Free Coloring Page Collection – Awaken Your Soul.

I have to be honest with all of you. I didn’t set out to create a Coloring Page Collection when I began drawing ink florals featuring some of my favorite quotes/Truths. I was just having fun. Trying to relax. Find calm. Peace in our Covid-19 upside down world that we are all living in.

I had reworked the photography on one of my studio walls to add some Corkboard space. I wasn’t sure why really. I just went with my curiosity. I bought a few Corkboard tiles and stuck them on the wall with command strips. I don’t have a picture of the wall blank and waiting on me to create but this is how it looks with my coloring page collection pinned on it.

And then I did a sweet little drawing of a wreath with one of my all time favorite quotes, “Your Truth always tastes of Freedom” which is a paraphrased quote by Buddha. And then I did another drawing that was busier and surrounded by words that I often repeat to myself when I am losing hope, “It will all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay then it’s not the end.” I pinned them both on my wall.

And then I did another one and another one and . . . I wish I could remember when it hit me that I was creating a collection of sorts, but I don’t. But about 5 drawings in, it hit me. “How cool is this! I could do a Coloring Page Collection and call it Awaken Your Soul!” And then I immediately thought, “Whoa! Awaken Your Soul?!?! That’s a tall order!” So I almost stopped. Cold. I was insecure as always in my attempt at art combined with a bold promise of soul awakening to those who download a few pages and spend time with crayons or makers filling in color between the lines.

I wanted to stop! I really did. But something in me couldn’t quit creating those darn ink florals! Every morning for days in a row, I would start my day in my studio and a quote/Truth would pop into my head. Begging for me to put it on paper, surround it with simple flowers, leaves, sprigs of new life and give it a place to be seen, read and heard. Yes, I know I sound crazy confessing all of that to you, but somedays, I think I am crazy. Haha!

As the pages kept appearing, I finally made a list.

I began scanning the completed drawings and kept creating them until the “voice” that had been guiding me through the entire process said “That’s it. Your done.” Thirteen drawings or coloring pages if you choose to add your creative touch to the images. Here’s a gallery of all the pages.

And now for the hard part. Or at least the part that I thought would be hard — Explaining how I believe my humble collection of coloring pages can awaken your soul. But once again my beloved “voice” has jumped in and assured me that I don’t need to do that. In fact, me trying to explain it will just get in the way and add clutter to your possibly already over-taxed mind. So I have been instructed to say ” I believe that if you allow the simple floral designs and messages to speak to you, your soul will begin to awaken.”

Here is the link to download my Free Coloring Page Collection — Awaken Your Soul. (Please feel free to share the download link with your friends versus sending them the coloring book directly.)

My hope is that these pages bring you as much joy as they brought me when I created them. And that you always remember to gently do what is right for you.


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