Life Coach

I am a Life Coach. What does that mean exactly?

Sometimes we need to talk. Sometimes we need help to actually SEE ourselves more clearly. Sometimes we need a guide who will help us find our truth. That’s how I define the label ‘life coach’.

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You might think it means that I have all the answers and that I have everything in life all figured out. I most definitely do not!

BUT, I am absolutely confident that You have the all the answers to your own questions, choices and life decisions. I believe you were born with a map, a path, a “knowing” that is there to guide you. I don’t want to make promises that I can’t deliver on but I believe I can help you. I can help you relocate that map, path,or “knowing” if you’ve lost it or misplaced it as you have taken on the challenging task of being human in this sometimes crazy world. OR for some of you (I include myself in this group), I believe I can help you find that map, path or “knowing” that you didn’t even know existed within you.

I would love to walk with you for a time, learn together and help you see the beauty that lives within you. The beauty that others can so clearly see. The beauty that you can’t see because it’s impossible to see the color of your own eyes.

I want to help you See, Dream and then for the hard part, Believe it’s all real and possible. 

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If you are interested in becoming a client and letting me walk with you for a bit, send me a message  and we can set up your FREE 30 minute consultation session.

I can’t wait to meet you 🙂

One more thing before you go…

I thought you’d like to know that I’m a Martha Beck Trained Life Coach. I completed an 9-month training course in 2017. It included weekly classes, many, many hours practicing with my classmates (as with most professions, you practice on yourself and with each other as human guinea pigs), an intensive weekend immersive program and most importantly, learning to Live It to Give It. This is my promise to you as your life coach.

I will be transparent, authentic and open. I will honor the light in you. I will listen completely and provide a safe place for you to see, dream and believe.

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