Defense is the first act of war.

I’m not making a political statement. I’m talking about my life.

Getting defensive. That’s what this is about. When someone says something about me that hits home. . . a suggestion, constructive criticism, or just pointing out how I am behaving in the moment. . . and I get defensive. Or in other words, I start to defend my position. I start to circle the wagons and brace for battle. I get ready for War.
Do you do this too? Have you ever been in a conversation where someone has reacted this way to something you’ve said or noticed out loud.
When you or the person you are talking to reacts with a defensive comeback, it’s a discussion stopper. Or at least it should be. Take a moment. Ask yourself, “Why am I reacting this way?” or “Why are they reacting this way?”
Because the Real Question to ask when a defensive comeback is thrown into the arena is “What is the battle I’m wanting to win?” or “What is the battle They want to win?”

P.S. This is a quote by Byron Katie. (If you aren’t familiar with her, you can learn about her here and change your life!)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

About Chalkboard Wisdom

A couple of years ago, I bought a little chalkboard. It’s 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches tall. I thought I was going to use it as a grocery list. But then I didn’t.

The chalkboard sat on my kitchen counter. Waiting. Patient. Knowing her true purpose. She wanted to tell me Truths. She wanted me to see, read and learn about life through her simple messages. She wanted to help me discover how to be happy.

Often, not everyday but several days a week, she whispers something in my ear that I know I am to write on the chalkboard. And I do. Always. Without Fail. I trust her and obediently write her words down with the flaky chalk pencil and I usually add a tiny 5-petal flower. 🌸

The words are written for me but I also know that I am to share them. I believe it would be selfish of me to keep them all to myself.

My Chalkboard and I hope you find wisdom in our words that you my carry on your journey. ❤️

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