If you build it . . .

They will come . . . whether you want them to or not.

I know that may sound funny but I don’t mean it that way. Whatever we build — our work, routines, values, where we put our time, etc. — They will come.

If you build it . . .

And who is They? Our friends, people we hang out with, work with, choose to be around. Our entire world!

It’s happening even if we don’t think it is.

I’m trying to gently do what is right for me and create a life I want to fully live with people that I want to fully live my life with. It is often hard. To be honest, it’s hard a lot.

I once heard a speaker compare it to getting on an elevator with all of the current people in your life. You hit the button to take you to the top floor but at some point you realize that you don’t want to ride all the way to the top with everyone in the elevator. So you gently push a button. The button for the next closest floor. And when the doors open, ( and this is the really hard part) you tell them they need to step out.

As you continue to ride in the elevator, you might need to do this again and again. It might even be possible that you have to ride on that elevator alone for a few floors.

But then, magically, the elevator stops, the door opens and a new person walks on. A new friend. A new relationship. Someone that shares your values, your dreams and allows you to be Fully You. In time, you are riding to the top with the people that deserve to be in your life. People that bring you joy, happiness and the best human experiences that you are meant to live.

So I’ve been trying really hard to make sure I’m aware of what I am Building and Who is coming. There are lots of buzz words for this these days — intentional living, conscious living, being present — choose whichever you prefer or find your own words for it. Or call it living the Gently Do Lifestyle.

What are you building in your life today? Whatever it is. They are coming. I sure hope you like them when they arrive.

About Chalkboard Wisdom

A couple of years ago, I bought a little chalkboard. It’s 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches tall. I thought I was going to use it as a grocery list. But then I didn’t.

The chalkboard sat on my kitchen counter. Waiting. Patient. Knowing her true purpose. She wanted to tell me Truths. She wanted me to see, read and learn about life through her simple messages. She wanted to help me discover how to be happy.

Often, not everyday but several days a week, she whispers something in my ear that I know I am to write on the chalkboard. And I do. Always. Without Fail. I trust her and obediently write her words down with the flaky chalk pencil and I usually add a tiny 5-petal flower. 🌸

The words are written for me but I also know that I am to share them. I believe it would be selfish of me to keep them all to myself.

My Chalkboard and I hope you find wisdom in our words that you my carry on your journey. ❤️

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