You Have Permission to . . .

In case you are in need of an official Permission Slip in your life, here you go.

You have Permission To ______________. Feel free to fill in the blank. Sometimes, we want to do things in our life but are looking for permission from an outside source.

This might sound strange at first, but my young life was filled with permissions slips. Perhaps yours was too? Mine were the standard variety. You have permission to go on a field trip. You have permission to stay in at recess because you aren’t feeling well. (You know the well enough to go to school, but not well enough to run around outside kind of well.)

A permission slip was powerful. Actually, just being given permission even without a piece of paper was powerful! It was the approval of a person in authority.

Today, I’d like for you to imagine that a person in authority is giving you permission to do or not do something. Imagine it’s your mom, dad, teacher or if you want to go straight to the top, imagine it’s your elementary school principal!

What do you need permission to do but just won’t give it to yourself? Take a day off? Sleep in? Maybe you need permission to do something a little heavier. Tell your family that you are gay? Quit your job to pursue something you’ve wanted to do your whole life? Tell a certain someone that you love him/her/them? Or end that toxic relationship?

You have Permission to _______________________. ⠀

It’s funny how we tend to ask “permission” to live our lives. And it’s pretty cool how writing this little permission slip has really helped me. I thought you might need to write a permission slip too.

Living the gently do lifestyle is hard, but always worth it in the end.
Love to you my friends. 


About Chalkboard Wisdom

A couple of years ago, I bought a little chalkboard. It’s 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches tall. I thought I was going to use it as a grocery list. But then I didn’t.

The chalkboard sat on my kitchen counter. Waiting. Patient. Knowing her true purpose. She wanted to tell me Truths. She wanted me to see, read and learn about life through her simple messages. She wanted to help me discover how to be happy.

Often, not everyday but several days a week, she whispers something in my ear that I know I am to write on the chalkboard. And I do. Always. Without Fail. I trust her and obediently write her words down with the flaky chalk pencil and I usually add a tiny 5-petal flower. 🌸

The words are written for me but I also know that I am to share them. I believe it would be selfish of me to keep them all to myself.

My Chalkboard and I hope you find wisdom in our words that you my carry on your journey. ❤️

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