Little things that bring me BIG joy & learning to release what I no longer need.

Happy ❤️ Day to everyone! On this day that can be so uplifting for some and so hard for others, I am celebrating Little things that bring me BIG joy!

Just look at this precious air plant! It was gift from someone that I love dearly. Not only did he select the plant, he then constructed the frame and suspended it. Allowing it to life life as it was meant to be. Living in the Air! Flying! Breathing!

This little plant softly yet boldly says to me “Be who you are meant to be. Take the extra steps, effort, to figure out how you will flourish and thrive as you learn this time around in our wondrous Earth School.”

It’s time everyone. Time to figure out how best for all of us to thrive. And then once we do, start taking steps to achieve it.

If you are feeling Brave today (and BIG love for yourself), look into a mirror. Look into your eyes, and say this. “I am willing to release the need for _____________. ” Fill in the blank with whatever your are holding onto that is no longer serving you. Is it the need to be a victim? Is it the love from someone that is never going to love you in the way you so desperately want to be loved? Is it the need for perfection or worldly success or hearing praise from someone that is never going to give it to you? Whatever it is. Say it.

Notice what happens in your body the first time you say it. Do you break eye contact with yourself? Do you feel a pain in your chest, a lump in your throat. Whatever it is. Feel it.

Then say it again, and again, and again. And then wait for the most amazing release. It might happen immediately, but probably not. For me, it usually happens little by little, like chipping away at a block of ice. But this is my promise to you. In your own time, You will feel release.

And then you too will feel light, airy, suspended freely. Able to breathe and fully thrive in your world.

Love yourself everyone. Especially today. ❤️

And if you ever need to talk, just let me know. Schedule a free call.


P.S. If I kill this plant, I am going to feel epically terrible! 😢

P.P.S. I learned the lovely mirror exercise from Lousie Hay. You should check her out and her life changing book Heal Your Body.

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