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Ordinary Things — Grocery Store Flowers

I love extraordinarily ordinary things! They bring me the most joy in my life. That’s why I decided to share with you every week an ordinary thing (at least to me) that I love. I did a fun story about Introducing the Extraordinarily Ordinary a little bit of go. Click the link if you are interested 🙂

Today’s ordinary thing in the spotlight is Grocery Store Flowers. I typically get mine at Walmart or Harps but sometimes I get them at Whole Foods. My budget is $10 or less and my favorite flowers to buy are hydrangeas. My skills with plants are dismal but my ability to make grocery store flowers last up to 3 weeks in a jar of water are epic!

This past week, I grabbed flowers from Whole Foods. Three gorgeous stems. LOVE!!!

Grocery Store Flowers-1592


I take them home, cut the stems and put them in a jar or this simple vase I keep in the cabinet. Then, most weeks, Enjoy.

But that’s not what happened this week. The next day, this sad sight greeted me when I walked into the kitchen to make coffee.

Grocery Store Flowers-0030539

When this happened about a year ago with my first purchase of hydrangeas from the grocery store, I was frustrated. I had spent $6 for 3 flowers and one had wilted in a day. I tossed it in the trash and vowed to never buy hydrangeas again. But then one day, I told my sorrowful tale to the lady behind the floral counter at the store and she told me a trick.

Cut the flower stem a little and place it in really warm, almost hot water and it will come back to life. Trusting her advice, I bought hydrangeas again and again one of them wilted. Skeptical, I tried her advice.

Grocery Store Flowers-0030537


And wonder of wonders, it worked!!! The next morning my little wilted bloom had risen to her former glory and was added back to the vase. That’s her on the left. Isn’t she beautiful?

Grocery Store Flowers-0030543


Take a little time today to notice your extraordinarily ordinary things or moments in your life. I have a feeling they are just as beautiful as mine 🙂 And if you feel like sharing, leave me a comment.

There’s Beauty in this world. Take a look at your extraordinarily ordinary things or moments in your life because that’s where you’ll find her. And if you don’t find Beauty there, it’s time to change your ordinary. 


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