“Hope is not a strategy,” they say. I disagree.

So confession time. I wrote the quote you always hear, “Hope is NOT a Strategy” on my little chalkboard and set it on my kitchen counter to stew.

By that I mean, the quote hangs out. I walk past it over and over as I move through the kitchen. And that’s a lot of walking past it since I love to eat. 😬

I thought I believed it. I even took a photo of it and added it to my Instagram scheduled posts so I could share this wisdom with the world (read that as my few hundred followers 😂.) But every time I looked at it, I realized I didn’t. And by THAT I mean, I really, really didn’t believe it.

So another confession, I didn’t mark a chalk line through it and reshoot the photo. I cheated and did the lines in post, but I think you get the message.

Hope IS a strategy. For me, I cannot achieve anything in my life without Hope. And Hope isn’t just my starting point. It’s something that propels me through my whole goal seeking process. My actions. My thoughts which lead to those actions. They all exist because of Hope.

I love Hope. One of my greatest fears is that I will lose her and I fight really hard to make sure that never happens.

Here is one of my favorite quotes about Hope by a beautiful, insightful woman named Martha Beck. “People don’t cry when they lose their hope. They cry when they get it back.” Her quote perfectly captures the beauty, the calm and the sustenance that Hope brings to me.

Have you lost Hope? If so, ask her to come back. Whisper her name until you hear her firm, gentle voice speaking back to you.

Find her. Then you can move forward with that strategy you’ve been planning.

Sending love and a speedy search for Hope to all of you.


About Chalkboard Wisdom

A couple of years ago, I bought a little chalkboard. It’s 3 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches tall. I thought I was going to use it as a grocery list. But then I didn’t.

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The chalkboard sat on my kitchen counter. Waiting. Patient. Knowing her true purpose. She wanted to tell me Truths. She wanted me to see, read and learn about life through her simple messages. She wanted to help me discover how to be happy.

Often, not everyday but several days a week, she whispers something in my ear that I know I am to write on the chalkboard. And I do. Always. Without Fail. I trust her and obediently write her words down with the flaky chalk pencil and I usually add a tiny 5-petal flower. 🌸

The words are written for me but I also know that I am to share them. I believe it would be selfish of me to keep them all to myself.

My Chalkboard and I hope you find wisdom in our words that you my carry on your journey. ❤️

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