My Secret Page ๐ŸŒธ

Congrats! You’ve found my page where I post stuff that’s kind of secret. But obviously it’s not too secret or you wouldn’t have landed here. ๐Ÿ˜‚

This is where I post fun stuff that I’m not sure belongs in my main navigation. For example, so far I’ve just included some of my favorite songs that I have recorded in the past. Yep! Throwing it back to the days when I owned a recording studio.

First up! One of my favorite demo vocals I ever recorded.

A fun cover I did as a demo recording of a song from the Beauty and the Beast Musical. It’s called A Change in Me. I LOVE this song! And fun fact! We (that’s my business partner Jason and I) created it as a backing track for a California pageant contestant that had her sights set on becoming Miss America. She loved it and so did we.

A Change In Me from Beauty & The Beast Musical performed by Brenda Yelvington

My Heart Song

I wrote this song with my business partner Jason to be included on an album we wrote and recorded for a blind mountain climber. Yes! It’s true. His name is Erik Weihenmayer and this guy is incredible! Look him up! You will be inspired by his journey and accomplishments. Here’s his website.

The song is called I See. We wrote it 10 years ago but it’s still relevant to my life today.

I See written and performed by Brenda Yelvington & Jason Johnson

Last one (so far).

Here’s a sweet song Jason and I wrote called Blossom. It just makes me smile. Hope it brings a smile to you too!

Blossom performed & written by Jason Johnson & Brenda Yelvington