I have been dreaming about creating a podcast for the past several years. If you are interested in reading about my dream and the why behind a podcast, here’s a blog post I recently wrote about it The Human Voice, A Love Story

My co-host is Dusty Westfall. We have a 20 year age difference, a 10 year friendship and lots of questions for each other. In this podcast we have a weekly phone call where we talk life in NYC where Dusty lives and life in Northwest Arkansas where I callshome. It’s a mix of southern upbringing, life mistakes, dreams, lessons learned, me not catching on to Dusty’s innuendos until he’s often snorting with laughter and a love for knowing it’s our  time to “be seen” for who we really are in this world. 

Headshots Collage IATA

Although the title of the podcast is I’m Afraid To Ask, we’re not.  As you tune in each week to hear our call, you will discover that we will talk about almost anything. We do have a couple of topics that we’ve told each other we aren’t ready to broadcast to the world yet, but one day we will.

Here’s a few helpful links. Our website is I’m Afraid To Ask Podcast and you can listen to the podcast there. You can also find us on iTunes, Podbean, and CastBox. Just search for I’m Afraid To Ask and look for our logo.

I'm Afraid To Ask Podcast Logo