What to expect in a Coaching Session.

Are you thinking about reaching out to meet with me for a coaching/mentoring session for the first time but aren’t sure what to expect? Here’s a little info to give an idea of what it’s like to work with me.

You Will Be Welcomed

I meet with in person clients at my office/studio space located at Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville, Arkansas. It sounds like it’s far away from downtown Fayetteville, but it’s not. I’m only 5 mins up the mountain (or some might call it a big hill, haha!) but it feels light years away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life.

You drive through the gates and are met with over 30 acres of grounds, historic buildings and wildlife.

I’m located in the coolest building on the property in my opinion! Built in the early 1900s, it was used as a women’s dorm. They now rent the rooms to the public to be used as studio spaces. I’m on the first floor and have a beautiful view! Here’s a look at my building and frequent visitors.

I started with a a basic dorm room. I even have a private bathroom with pink tile! It needed some fresh paint and a little love to get it looking good. Here are some Before and After photos.



I absolutely LOVE my cozy space. And I hope you will too. It’s bright, warm and filled with details to make you feel comfortable and welcome. I will offer you a cup of tea, a candle will always be burning to bring “Light” to the space and my watercolor flowers, in process and completed, will be hanging on the wall to bring wisdom to me and possibly to you.

Why People Come To See Me

I attract people pleasers. Individuals who are stuck in a loop. A pattern. I often find that we don’t really live our lives, we live our patterns. We need help identifying our long held fears, misconceptions, and behaviors that are causing us emotional pain. My clients come to me to gain fresh perspective and help bridging the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in their life. They know something is missing and they want help finding it. They want peace.

How We Begin

In your Free Inquiry Session, we will make sure we are going to work great together. We will spend some time talking casually to get to know each other. It’s very important that you and I feel like we are a good fit. We click. We trust each other to be vulnerable. We trust that we are both there to work. And it’s extremely important that you feel Seen and Heard in a session.

How We Work Together

We are going talk. I’m going to do a lot of listening. I will “hold space” for you to express whatever you need to feel, see, experience, or question in your life.

I’m probably going to ask you some hard questions. Questions that you have never even thought to ask. Questions that you may not have the answers too. Yet. As we spend time together, the answers will come. I promise. And so will the peace that you are craving in your life.

My end goal is to help you change your perspective, flip the lens so you have a new way of seeing things. I will do this by teaching you tools that you can use going forward. Practical tools that you can confidently use in your daily life when you find yourself in a familiar loop or pattern.

How Long Will This Take

I know you are expecting this answer. It depends. Some lessons, we learn quickly. Others seem to take a long, long time. But, learning at least one tool to help you begin the process can happen in one session. Then it’s up to you to decided how you want to continue working with me.

Some clients like to come weekly, especially in the beginning. Some come once a month or so. I am a big fan of learning the tools in bite size portions. And everyone needs to work at their own pace. It’s all about you. Let that soak in. Our time together, is all about you my friend.

But I Can’t Meet With You In Person

I realize not everyone can come to my studio space for sessions. No worries! I love meeting with people on FaceTime, Zoom, or by talking on the phone. I believe this type of session has it’s own special energy. The truth is, when a person is ready to learn, I believe how we meet will never get in the way.

I Hope You Reach Out

I’m here. Ready to walk beside you on your path. Talk, Listen and Help you find a new way to be in this world. For More Info about working with me go here to my Life Coach/Mentor Page. You can schedule a free Inquiry Phone Call here.

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