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The Human Voice, A Love Story

Tomorrow’s the big day. March 29, 2018. The day my dream of doing a podcast becomes true. I say a “dream” and I mean it. I’ve been talking about doing this for years. Not to everyone. Just to my closest friends and family. You know. The one’s that won’t think you’re crazy, no matter what you are scheming up.

I’m going to try and explain the why behind my dream but I may not be successful in capturing the reason or purpose because I’m not sure I yet fully know. Maybe as I write and podcast on, we will figure out the why together.  If you’re game, let’s begin.

I’ve collected “voices” for a long time. It’s probably been over 20 years. I love the human voice. I’m the weirdo that tells the person at the McDonald’s drive through, “You have a great voice! I love the texture and tone!” I remember people by their voices, “You know, that guy with the deep, rich voice or that woman you had a wonderful husky quality to her voice that sounded natural. Not like it came from cigarettes and whiskey.” I honestly have no idea where this fascination I have with voices comes from but it’s just there.

I’m okay with my voice too. I co-owned a recording studio for several years. In the beginning, it was an adjustment for sure. My voice seemed too high. I wasn’t sure if I liked that but over time, you settle in to your voice. I learned that with a smile on my face, I could brighten it. I could act kinda “silly” and come off younger. I could think serious thoughts and make you believe from my tone that I really loved buying gas at a certain big box store. I guess overall I learned the power in the sound of my voice. And I’ve learned to hear the power, pain, love, laughter and truth in other’s voices. What a gift to be given without even asking for it.

And as I dreamed of creating a podcast, I never wanted to go it alone. I wanted to do it with Dusty. It was strange how clear I was on this. It had to be Dusty or I wasn’t going to do it. End of story.

The Many Faces of Dusty

The Many Faces of Dusty

To a casual listener, Dusty and I appear to be complete opposites. He’s 32, male, a tad flamboyant (ok, a lot flamboyant), gay, loudish, uses 4 letter words often, and has no trouble telling you what he thinks. I am 54, female, quiet in crowds, heterosexual, soft spoken, I rarely even think a 4 letter word let alone say it out loud and up until recently, I will only cautiously tell you what I think.  Oh and my voice is typically even and measured and Dusty’s voice is all over the map! (That makes for a lot of extra work in the sound editing!)

But this is only what the outside world sees/hears initially in our in podcast. In many more ways listeners will discover that we are perfectly paired with what we have in common. We love dogs, talking on the phone, laughing at ourselves, helping others, believing this world can be and mostly is a beautiful place, honoring family and being willing to let others “know” our stories with the hope it will help them with theirs.

I'm Afraid To Ask Podcast

This has been and will continue to be a labour of love for both us, in fact, for the whole team. Oh yes, we have a team! It’s me, Dusty, our Podcast Intern and Onyx. We also have numerous friends and family that have listened to many iterations of the first promo, second promo, bonus questions, first episode that didn’t turn out to be the first episode, second episode that didn’t turn out to be the… well, I think you get the idea.

Pod Cast Intern

Podcast Intern playing Uke


Although the title of the podcast is I’m Afraid To Ask, we’re not.  As you tune in each week to hear our call (Dusty calling from NYC and me in Northwest Arkansas), you will discover that we will talk about almost anything. We do have a couple of topics that we’ve told each other we aren’t ready to broadcast to the world yet, but one day we will.

I’m hoping that as you listen to stories about our southern upbringing, life mistakes, dreams, lessons learned, and hear me not catching on to Dusty’s innuendos until he’s often snorting with laughter and our knowing it’s our time to “be seen” for who we really are in this world, you will connect with our humble human voices and hear the love story. My biggest hope, though, is that you will hear Your Story.

If you are curious, tune in for a couple of weeks. Give us a chance to get over our podcast newbie-ness. Here’s a little secret, we have three episodes in the can so far. The first two are a little lighter, “Send Nudes” and “Raise A Glass To Ravenclaw.” The third episode is “Momma, I’m Sorry” and it will pull on your heart strings. I think your gonna like us. Really, really like us. haha!

Here’s a few helpful links. Our website is I’m Afraid To Ask Podcast and you can listen to the podcast there. You can also find us on iTunes, Podbean, and CastBox. Just search for I’m Afraid To Ask and look for our logo.

I'm Afraid To Ask Podcast Logo


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